what is a Trunnion mounting ball valve?

what is a Trunnion mounting ball valve?

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Trunnion mounting ball valve

Trunnion ball valve assembly trunnion ball valve assembly trunnion ball valve

As valves are elements of vital use in the industry, with the function of blocking, controlling, dosing and general control of the flow of various fluids in pipes. To meet the varied demands of the industry, there is an extensive catalog of valves available for all requested applications. Among the types of common valves, we can highlight:

Trunnion ball valve

floating  ball valve

The Trunnion assembly ball valve is characterized by its ball in a single piece and lower guide, with the additional support necessary for the movements of the flow activated in the valve. Thus, a mounting ball valve The trunnion has its torque reduced in operation and, consequently, it has a longer service life, even under more severe working conditions.


The valves, in general, can have Trunnion or flange type assembly and threaded, flanged, fitted and welded or welded ends at the top. As valve pressure classes on the ball, trunnion mounting between 150 and 9000 PSI and their measurements range from a to 60 ”.

In terms of application, a mounting ball valve The journal is indicated for flow control in fluid treatment systems, especially in cases of corrosive fluids. Its use is very common in the chemical, rubber, paper and cellulose, weaving and oil and gas sectors. In addition, a mounting ball valve The trunnion features pneumatic, electric and hydraulic solenoid controls and actuators.

Other common models of valves are like the globe and butterfly type, more suitable for applications with viscous fluids and different functions of control, dosing and blocking of stored or gaseous fluids. When purchasing a Trunnion ball valve or any other type, it is essential to prioritize the quality and credibility of the supplier of industrial inputs.


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